The Disconnection to Those suffering

The Disconnection to Those suffering
So many  are disconnected from the pain, suffering that other chronically ill people feelcompassion

If more humans were able to open their heart and feel the pain of other people,not question it, but learn from it I believe the world would be a better, happier, more loving place.

We maybe would even have less,  tragedies less bullying less killing. , maybe learn to understand and accept people ,like the chronically ill man, woman or child, that suffers in pain every single day,their bodies no longer working with them but against them.

Some disabilities are not visible to others.

Simple tasks for you may be impossible for someone with a debilitating disease like Osteonecrosis, Lupus, MS, Breast Implant Illness,Cancer,

And let’s not forget about the pain of the battered woman, abused children,the loss of a spouse, parent or child, the killing of gay people in Orlando, the massacre of kids in school or police officers, black lives, white lives, brown lives , yellow lives, all lives matter.The homeless, those being bullied.

The pain numerous casualties of soldiers and civilians in war, the people who get bullied to the point they feel death is the only way to stop being bullied,the people who are lost and looking for something as a means to escape, instead of turning to God , prayer or a higher power they turn to drugs, alcohol as a means to escape

There is a lot it seems to cry about.
We all have pain in some way
It’s time we stop all the hate and start helping our brothers and sisters


Open your heart to feel another person’s pain, love them , try to understand them whether they are disabled or not, let’s not forget that not all disabilities are visible.
So before you go complaining about a woman parked in a handicap space that looks “well”
Just stop and think maybe she really is in pain and just trying to live her best life possible.

We all will experience some form of pain and loss and suffering in our life, its how we react to others now suffering
But regardless of creed, nationality, race, religion, sexuality. You don’t have to agree with their  point  of view but learn to be respectful, respect that we are all human beings and we all will suffer at some point in our life.

Song Of The Day  “People Help The People” by Cherry Ghost performed by Birdy from her self titled debut album.






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