Fall Brings A Grateful Nature Transformation

Fall in NE Ohio is so beautiful and so rich in color, beautiful spectacular colors!

I take my camera or use my phone and I look for the most amazing spot.

Once I find it, I just sit in awe of all its beauty, I meditate on the One who created such an array of colors, and I try to remember all the different shades and thank God and rejoice in all his creations.
In the fall season, we see again the transformation of nature.

The beauty of the fall colors, the cool and crisp air, the falling of the leaves, As I watch nature unfold,in all its glory, I remind myself just how grateful I am.

I allow my mind to wonder, to pray, to thank God for all I have.

I forget about my pain for a moment.

There’s no better way to savor the excitement of fall color than with a drive through the countryside or a nice walk in the park .


I do have more pain when the seasons change , cold and damp days especially and let’s not forget about the winter I time I used to love I now dread.

Winters in NE Ohio can be down right Frigid , and when they are I am pretty much surviving on Thermo Care heat wraps just to move around.


But I try to forget about my pain and bask myself in the beauty of fall .




These are some photos I took at Mill Creek State Park here in NE Ohio.

When you see beauty like this you cannot help but be grateful in spite of your chronic pain.
Photos taken by Deborah Andio at MillCreek State Park, Youngstown,Ohio






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