How I started my new love for plant based eating: But I do cheat now and then

Going more plant based was about me taking smart, small steps for the long haul, until I was comfortable and then I would add more and more plant based foods until I built a lifestyle that I ultimately love so much that my momentum will roll on for years in almost effortless fashion. And every journey is better shared with friends who support you, listen to you and cheerlead for you, right?

My husband came on board and it made switching from a  daily carnivore life easier .

I won’t lie , I’m not 100 percent plant based but I am 85/15.

I wanted to succeed in going to a combination of raw and cooked veggies and some meat protein, but mostly plant based. So at first I just added a salad and fruit to our regular meals, within a couple weeks we were more plant based than anything else.

I did this change to help ease my pain from Osteonecrosis , Spondylolithesis, Osteoarthritis and help rid as much fat in my blood as possible as I also have Factor V Leiden blood disorder.
For me less inflammation = less pain

My cholesterol dropped by 46 points

I feel better when I am putting good things in my body for fuel vs junk.

Yes I still have pain , but it’s no longer severe every single day. And some days I have no pain at all.

No matter where you are, right now is the time to start. Waiting for the perfect time is the same as making an excuse.

Be sure to keep a food journal to record any ailments you may have before you begin, and then record the changes in your digestion, sleep, mood, etc., each week. This will help you figure out what your body likes and doesn’t like.

You are making a map of where you started, where you’ve been and where you want to go, it’s so important.

Of course never start any new eating plan without first talking to your primary care physician.

Sometimes it can be challenging to learn a new way of eating so everyday I will try and post at least one recipe.

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