Dear Me : Buckle Up It’s Going to Get Bumpy

Day 4 of WegoHealth’sHealth Activist Writers Monthly Challenge 

Dear Me 



Todays challenge is writing a letter to ourselves for the day you were diagnosed but knowing all you do now.

Dear Me
So today’s the day.

Your going to think this sounds kind of weird but I am writing you this letter to prepare you that in just a few hours , your going to be told some unexpected news something a bit more complicated than the doctors originally thought , no wonder why you  were complaining, 

I’m sorry if I thought you were over reacting about the pain I should have known better as I had that same pain, now today your going to be diagnosed with something you never heard of before in fact not many have , some will even think your wrong ,and think it’s something else , it’s ridiculous because even some medical professionals also won’t know what your talking about. 

But I want you to know it will be ok. 

I want to prepare you as your life is going to change

It will change in good ways and in some not so good ways. 

So I am writing you this letter in hopes to prepare you and comfort you. As I already have been through the same thing. 

Trust me you will want a good support group unfortunately their won’t be any near your home so you will have to get creative.

Your going to be facing some new challenges over the next couple of years maybe longer

It’s going to be a painful off and on some days it will be debilitating, sometimes emotional and at first scary.

There are going to be days where you can’t move very well.

There will be days when you questioned why you. 
I know because it happened to me as well.
At first your going to be in shock and feel like a train hit you and say 

What the hell ?!

I’m here to let you know it will be ok, I have been where you are.

You will find some pretty unique and different ways that you never thought that could help but they will . You always did think outside the box .
But just know that will happen down the road .

Be patient, but be active and ask questions even when ignored or blow off keep asking.

You are going to get so frustrated, doctors will be referring you here there and everywhere.

And your going to come across many road blocks along the way. Don’t get discouraged , it’s temporary. 

I also need to tell you that the doctors you have placed your trust in, will fail you especially in the beginning. 
And wow the medical costs will be plentiful, seems crazy to have to pay for such poor service from providers.

MRI after Mri 

X-ray after X-ray 

Strange and costly blood tests 

Physical Therapy that leaves you feeling worse 

Consults  with Orthos-Hematologists- Herbalists

Second and Third Opinions 

But you will 
They will challenge you, frustrate you and many times leaving you feel emotionally drained.


You are even going to fire a few.  And that’s okay.
I understand that to as I have been through this as well. 

Your going to see that the once great insurance you had isn’t all that great because of the changes since the so called affordable care act took place. 
You’re going to feel angry and at times lost.

You will actually  miss climbing the ladder to wash those walls.

But I am here to tell you not to give up  nor give in to the standard medical rhetoric and keep researching because you will find new things and less evasive things and some light bulb moments that can help you. 

Even when highly trained educated people tell no way that will work, some in medical profession will get pissed off at you for not listening to them. 
But they don’t think outside the box like you do. That’s what I love about you the most. 

Remember go with your gut you know what your talking about you have started on the right path Trust me I’ve been there.

Don’t get discouraged because God has a plan for you. 
You can’t see it right now but it’s there and it’s big

Your going to be of assistance to many and during that time you will be on the cusps of finding your own answers and solutions. 

It will be therapeutic for you and many others also in the same boat 
Your going to meet a lot of amazing people and some not so amazing 

You will be liked by many,loved by some and hated by a few

Don’t worry about the few haters you stumble upon along the way

They needed you in their path to help them along their journey.

You will be putting your patience to the test. 

You will find new talents. 
And your going to be a world changer. I know this for a fact.

Now most importantly 

Trust yourself listen to your body : rest when you feel you need to and don’t feel guilty for resting. 
Don’t allow any doctor to question how you feel, you know your body better than they do

Make sure that you do some type of exercise daily. It will help you even when you don’t think  you can , do it anyway ,just use caution and don’t over do it. 

Make sure you change to a more raw diet it does wonders for your constant deep pain. 

Get in a good group that knows how to make eating raw better easier. Build up to at least 70 percent Raw Foods. 

You will be so glad you did 

Remember the treatment your wanting is out there your just going to have to keep looking but you do find it. 

I know your asking yourself are you terminal and going to die?
The answer is no 

Thank God 

But you will be told you have bone death.
I don’t want that to stop you in anyway from living in the moment, yes you may have some restrictions such as no flying as the altitude will cause you great pain and sorry no hiking in the woods to much pressure on the weight bearing joints, so walk or bike or even if  your just passenger in the car use your photography in other ways for awhile but that will also pass.

Don’t let the pain consume you or put you in a funk.

Take that Herbology Class it will help you and you will be glad you did. Plus you get to meet some really nice people.

I want you to live even more grateful then ever before.
I want you to be  chronicallygrateful
Today you are diagnosed with a rare disease called Osteonecrosis.

Love to you Always 



#Avascular Necrosis 


To See some of the ways I now raise awareness 
Here are the links below 

I ask anyone that many have Osteonecrosis/Avascular Necrosis if you need a group join us : I also ask those that do not have the disease please don’t ask to join to be curious I put the privacy of my group as a top priority.

My pages


https://facebook .com/avascularnecrosisrarediseasedayfeb29 


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