Social Media Palooza

Day 5 of the Wegohealth Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge #HAWMC

Today we are to write about our favorite  social media platfform. 

Well my favorite platform for Avascular Necrosis/ Osteonecrosis and Diseases of the Bone : is probably FB -Facebook 
Although I raise awareness on many sites
FB for me allows me the opportunity to reach people world wide with out limited characters

I can post my own photos that I either take myself or design myself on various apps I use. 

I spend time planning my posts and topics.
It gives me the freedom to not just express my views
But to recognize others views
Some of my pages on fb celebrate fan of the week

I try to keep several sites informative and fun and often cannot be limited to a certain amount of characters.

Sometimes I monetize an ad for a day or 2 to reach a larger audience it’s very reasonable in price and you get stats on how and where your page has been seen 

Facebook ads allow you to have input in your audience they are targeted to users based on their location, demographic locations or even similar interests 

Many of these options are only available on Facebook. After creating an ad, you set a budget or choose how many days or size of audience you want it to reach. 

So for me my favorite platform is Facebook 

But I find all the sites excellent and I use a lot of sites to spread awareness.Some you just have to hit on main points because of limited space. But I do enjoy them all to some degree. 




To visit my  awareness sites links are below 

https://facebook .com/avascularnecrosisrarediseasedayfeb29 

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