What Superpower would you choose? hmmm

Day 6 


Health Activist Monthly Writing Challenge 




Superpower Sunday If you had a superpower what would it be and how would you use it. 

Admit it :
Who hasn’t wanted superpowers !
 I think we all at one time or another wished we had some type of super power.

I personally would like to have a few haha.

Admit it at some point in your life, you’ve run around the house in a cape, jumped off your family sofa , or at least thought about doing it. 
I bet you have your have your cape on right now as your reading this ,don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I have my cape on to 😊 well I will call it my cape it’s actually my blanket, it’s my super blanket

There’s just something amazing about our favorite superheroes that has a super power like Wonder Woman or Wolverine or Superman and we can’t forget Supergirl.

It’s fun to imagine how different life would be if we had that superpower and could tap into our superpowers.


What if I had the power to heal? I could not only get rid of minor injuries like cuts and bruises, but also help ease the pain of people suffering from serious illnesses. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and AIDs would all be history. I would love this one then no one would have to suffer 


Being invisible would be nice then you can see what doctors and others say when your not around 

Time travel

You wouldn’t need a time machine if you possessed the power of time travel. It would be so cool to be a part of the crowd at Woodstock or visit your future self or go back in time when women finally had the right to vote. I love history.

Or how about communication Omnilinguilism
I don’t know if I can even pronounce it right but it sounds cool. 
Omnilinguism is the ability to understand any form of language. I could travel around the world and never have to worry about a language barrier if I had this superpower. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so much miscommunication between people , nations, the world 🌎 

Superhuman Agility

Not even Bruce Lee would stand a chance against me if I had the power of superhuman agility. My lightning-fast reaction time, great flexibility, and excellent jumping capacity would definitely give me the upper hand during battle.

So many awesome powers to think of 


The power to know everything and anything infinitely. 
I think I had this as a young teenager at least according to my parents. Haha

Most people have, at least, thought about the question.  If I could choose a super power for myself, what would it be?  Would I fly like Superman, I believe that whatever you choose says something about you.

But why do we want a superpower
Is it to make up for something we feel we are lacking in? If we have a superpower will that then be what will define us? 
I guess because I know so many that are suffering from one thing or another I would choose healing. 
I hate to see anyone suffer. But would we have enough room for all the people in the world? Would I create a world of starvation?
Or here is a superpower no one has heard of the power of writing it can help you and others it can get your mind working which helps keep you on your toes 
You still can help many by words, information , and you can in the process can teach others how to fine their inner superpower the power of self. 


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