I am not a deplorable…

 I am a woman. I am not a college graduate but I’m very intelligent and learned  a trade and I worked very hard every day. 

No I didn’t go to college but I was an optometric tech and appreciate optician until I was diagnosed with a rare disease called Osteonecrosis due to trauma to my knee in 2014 . I am married. I am middle class. I am a Christian. And I am disabled. I am a converted democrat as my beliefs now are more conservative and I am a Trump supporter

But here’s what I’m not. 
I am not a racist. I am not a homophobe, nor am I deplorable , nor am I xenophobic either. I think it’s ridiculous that I have to defend my choice: 

Actually he only lost the the popular vote by 200k but did win by more than enough electoral votes. And this is how it is and has been for hundreds of years. 
Being a conservative and white and a woman that didn’t vote for a woman also doesn’t make me a moron

I am very insulted that the daily news media, as well as some friends and family members that are angry because 
I’m not longer on the more liberal side and are insinuating that I am a racist and that I don’t want women to succeed hello I am a woman !!! Use your brain before you speak nonsense.

Yes I voted Trump and I am proud of it. 

Yes at times he said some things I didn’t agree with,  but remember he  was not a career politician, another reason why I voted for him. And what strikes me funny you are all protesting because of his ” words of hate” yet you also have been calling people very cruel names, making bigoted comments and I am watching many of you act like criminals by rioting.
Rioting is not protesting learn the difference. 

And what was worse 
Trump saying  it a few stupid things or his opponent repeatedly playing them on their paid commercials over and over.  
Sadly elections get ugly. I personally wish they would for once have only positive commercials about what they did and less focus on the other.  I also wish the news would report news and leave their opinions out of it. 

I voted for him because I am tired of seeing our county run into the ground, our National Debit is insane, our affordable healthcare is anything but affordable. 

Our jobs continue to leave our country. 
In my home town here in NE Ohio they announced that GM will be laying off the entire 3rd shift at our local Chevy Cruz plant that’s 1200 workers out of a job Happy holiday to them and all the other businesses that will now be affected by the trickle down effect. 

It’s BS because  GM say now that gas is low no one is buying them 
But in June 2016 just 5 months ago here is what they said to a local new station in Youngstown, Ohio

GM in a Press statement stated  June 2016

For the first time, General Motors will bring Chevrolet Cruzes built in Mexico and sell them in the United States.
Historically, the vehicle has been one of GM’s best-selling cars, but recently, sales of the locally-built Chevy Cruze have been so strong that dealerships have had to wait for new models. There is too much demand for the Lordstown plant to keep up, employees were told Friday at the start of their shifts.

Ok so now that production is slowing in November why are the American workers getting laid off?

Did they also lay off the workers in Mexico?

I’m guessing no.  Why do American Companies continue to cause American workers such hardships? 

Yet another reason why I voted Trump

He is right on so many levels about so many things. Companies don’t care about workers they care about their pockets getting richer. 
NAFTA and GAT  was joke.  It destroyed many people’s lives in that mid and late 90s

I want my country safe 
I want lower taxes
I want to see people earn a good living by working one job with good benefits, not working 2 and 3 part time jobs with no benefits.  I also want companies that close plants here and have them overseas penalized 
That’s why I voted for him. 

I think all the protesters that yell and cause havoc  and riot to area communities need to grow up already its criminal what your doing , peaceful protesting is one this doing damage is a criminal offense. 
Causing damage to other people’s property is not being a good citizen, so why should I respect you? 

You can protest in a peaceful manner, but he will still be POTUS so just give him a chance. Is that so much to ask? 
Is it that hard to :
Just accept it. There are plenty of people I have voted for that did not get elected. Where was everyone in 2008 when Hilary lost the first time? 

There were not riots in the streets.

I didn’t vote for Hilary then either. But I did vote for Obama. 

Whet Al Gore lost the election even though he had the popular vote but about half a million votes I didn’t go loot my local town in protest , I didn’t burn the flag

How can I believe  many of you want love and peace and equal respect,acceptance  when all I hear and see on tv and social media is your harsh rude words about our president? And the people that voted for him ? !  I have seen you call many people a lot worse names than I have seen Trump call people.
And like it or not he is our president.
Maybe instead of spewing hatred for the man. How about give him a chance.
Try showing some respect after all don’t you all want respect?  

I’m sorry you were offended by some of his comments, I’m sure you never spoke bad about anyone  in your life until now. Right?

“If any of you have never sinned, then go ahead and throw the first stone at her!” … But only he who never sinned may throw the first!
Think About It 

Thank You

Trump Supporter From  Day One

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