Dear Doctor Incompetent 

Day 12 #HAWMC

Dear Doctor Incompetent 
I’m writing this letter to tell you how terrible I think you are, probably the worst doctor I have ever been to. 

I’m sure you remember me from 1985

I’m the one you almost killed.

I’m not sure if you were a good medical student or just fudged your way through. 

Who knows you may even created your degree on a computer program.You act like you did.

Not only did your bed side manner suck , you could have killed me in fact you almost did.

What on earth were you thinking when you prescribed me oxsoralen lotion for a skin condition that didn’t exist? 

I had Contact Dermatitis from the wax I used on my floors and you treated me for Psoriasis.

I guess that’s why you just gave me the lotion without the box or insert because if I would have seen it I would have ran out of your office.
Now I have to be checked a couple times a year for skin cancer. Because of your negligence. 
And were you friends with the pharmacist? He filled the Rx for the Oxsoralen tabslets. Thank God I didn’t take the pills  and use the lotion. I would have been dead for sure. 

You did say I may become “a little”sunlight sensitive 

However you never said that being on my porch out of direct sun would cause me to suffer 2nd degree burns all over my exposed skin
You never told me my parents would have to call in a priest the next day to give me last rites 
You never told me my daughter could lose her mother 
You never told me I would develop blisters so bad I would be in the ICU for a week and hospital for a few weeks. 

I am glad I reported your sorry behind and saw to it you lost you ability to harm others
You never practiced medicine you were a quack and thank god in Ohio your medical license is gone
I will say that I healed well that’s to excellent medical care at my local hospital and have very little scaring. Thank God

I wish I could have given you a taste of the horrible pain I endured.
But then I would be no better than you. 
You were slick when I sued you, when you sold all your assets and left the country.
But I’m smarter than you , I was determined to find you and I did all the way in Pakistan. But they only extricate for criminal matters. 

But I found you 
Just so the medical board could notify you you were no longer licensed in Ohio.

I never got anything out of you in civil court. But that’s ok I got by and was able to get back to  my job 

I do wish you could have been broke up on criminal charges
But I guess giving a patient the wrong medication isn’t a crime if they live. 
In closing I hope over the past 3 decades you have suffered in some way. 

And I just wanted you to know what a waste of skin you are. 

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