Move over Pain Today’s is a Great Day 

Day 13 #HAWMC

 Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day unknown
Isn’t that truth:

 I try to have a great day even if in pain. Today was no exception. It seems that since I have been eating more foods my knee pain from Osteonecrosis has been less, however today the Spondylolithesis in my L5S1 decided to give me more pain. I did notice that weather plays a huge factor on my mobility, especially waking up to 29 degree weather.

I laid around for a bit, trying to get motivated, managed to get a few small things accomplished and then later in afternoon my husband and I drove to the lake , since the temperature went to a balmy 48 degrees.
It was the best day. 
I live a grateful life.

Or I try to as best as I can. When I’m pain free or a low pain day I’m fabulous. When I have a lot of pain not fabulous but always grateful for I still have today. 

The best thing that happened this weekend today , my husband and I drove out to Guilford Lake near Lisbon Ohio to discuss our move to Florida in Spring 2017. 

We had a wonderful early dinner at a friendly place called Marks Landing

We enjoyed the beauty of fall as we discuss the excitement and also anxiety that comes from moving from a state we lived in our entire life to moving on to a new chapter of our life a twelve hundred miles away. 
We’re also so happy to be able to then live closer to our daughter, granddaughter and son in law.

And it will great to reconnect with old friends that moved there years ago. Plus the weather is better on my bones. 

After dinner we had a nice walk along the water watched the sunset. I took a few pictures as this is our last fall in Ohio. 

It’s wonderful to share your life with your best friend, a person you know who has and will be by your side no matter what. He is there for me and I am there for him. 
We know we are better together 

Any day with him is always good but today was the best day this week. 


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