Forever Grateful 

Day 15 WEGO Health writers monthly challenge 

Birds of a feather flock together 

when we have a diagnosis it’s always good to find and help others. That’s why I started groups and blogging but I have Inspiration from many. 

And grateful to all of you who are in the same boat  battling illness and  making a difference in this world. 
 I have to give a high five out to 

Jackie Zimmerman of WEGO Health. I just recently got to talk and email some of you. As I am new to the WEGO scene but so very grateful for you. 

A great big thank Kathy  Davanny of WEGO Health 

Your kind words and helpfulness is always appreciated 

A great big thanks and hug to 

Julie Cerrone
It’s just a bad day not a bad life

I stumbled on her blog when I was first diagnosed with Osteonecrosis

She was a great source of hope for me and still is. 

Wendy                                                                 Picnic With Ants

I was drawn to her blog just by the name. 

I only came across this since being a part of WEGO Health network The words are humble, raw and inspiring 

Kara LaFrace.                                                             Positively Post

I read and find so much inspiration and information in your writing 

Sarah                                                                     Back to Carolina 

I just enjoy the passion and honesty in every post

Jennifer                                                       Positivity In Pain 

Love the quotes some are funny some serious but always on point. 

And to all Advocates/Activists/Bloggers and Pain Warriors I have yet to get to know
Thank you for all you do for the community and your cause

God Bless
Love Deb.                             

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