Day 22 WEGO Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge 


Today is Tip Tuesday ..

DID YOU KNOW: THERE ARE 500 MILLION TWEETS SENT A DAY… THAT’S 6,000 TWEETS A SECOND! I mean that’s a lot of tweetin no wonder why we all have neck pain.  

Hmm Have I mastered the hashtag?             Heck no 

Have you figured out the 

Instagram algorithm ? Wha wait you mean they changed it ?

Let me go look…. 👀 

Wow what a mess it is lol , I like thinks in chronological order….so I doubt I will ever master that.   

I’m kind of a noob with Instagram although I post on it in just not that into it. 

The only thing I have mastered are my naps 😊

And increase new followers? I wish I could say yes but that’s a big no

But I don’t get discouraged I just keep posting….hoping someday I will have a lot of followers 

One thing for sure. 

Remember being an advocate is a good thing but don’t allow your own health to suffer 

Sometimes you just have to unplug. 

So here some basics I do on Twitter,  Facebook etc


Do you know how a hashtag works? A hashtag is to be used before a word on Twitter to make it searchable. Twitter then categorises each hashtag to create a stream which can be easily viewed on Twitter. Hashtags can be used during any part of a tweet and they will not appear in a search if your Twitter account is private.
Twitter actually made the hashtag famous.


multi word hashtags for clarity. The longer the hashtag, the more likely the message is to be misread. A great example of this going awry was the 2013 reaction to Margaret Thatcher’s death, hashtagged #nowthatchersdead. Some people read this as #NowThatChersDead, prompting rumors that music icon Cher had passed away.You don’t want to cause confusion.

Use hashtags in sentences

Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, and each one has to count. “Having a blast with the #WEGO Health Activist writers monthly challenge may be grammatically correct, but it’s no more effective than “Having a blast with the #HAWMC

If you can use a hashtag in place of a word without the sentence becoming confusing, do it.
Less Is Best

The more hashtags you add into your content, the more diluted and confusing your message becomes. 
I limit myself to three or four hashtags per tweet. Since I’m an advocate for a few things I usually will choose from these, based on what I’m writing about at that particular time 










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