My Crazy Health Challenges…The Quest to Better Health. 

Between you and me, I know the word ‘journey’ can sound a little bit cringe worthy but searching for a way to empower ourselves through positive change is an awesome thing. 

Having Osteonecrosis has changed the way I see things

If we can improve our health by creating food that can be shared with other people and enjoyed 

I am happy to embrace  Osteonecrosis if it will spread awareness and get better treatment options for everyone 

I’m controlling my pain through healthier eating, less inflammation in the body means less pain and having limited mobility with Osteonecrosis makes any exercise challenging plus in my case I have to factor in Spondylolithesis in my L5 S1 and Factor V Leiden and let’s not forget Osteoarthritis.

Sure I still eat junk now and then I am human….but I have noticed some things make me feel terrible.
I Keep a food and pain journal 

So learning to eat better for health is a positive change.And hopefully along the way I can figure out how to drop about 40 lbs. 

2 thoughts on “My Crazy Health Challenges…The Quest to Better Health. 

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  1. How soon after you eat something do you notice a pain correlation? I have the hardest time with that. Trying to figure triggers for migraines and it can be so delayed I’m at a loss.
    I’m glad you are finding out something.
    If you can find how to lose weight while eating well, I’d love to know. I feel like I’m doing every thing right, but I’m stuck. Of course I can’t exercise, that’s a biggie huh?

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