I Pick : Start a New Conversation by Vive Lafrance 

Day 29 WEGO Health Activist Writers Monthly Challenge #HAWMC

I read several blogs over the last month, many so inspiring,some made me cry, all very good . 
But I can So relate to this post and many other posts 


Because it is also how I feel about Big Pharmaceutical Companies.
It seems like it’s more about greed than helping others.

Sure there are research and development teams doing their best and making great strides in today’s medicine and treatments.
And I applaud them 
But it’s more than just about taking a pill. 

We need Mind Body Spirit Balance as well 
You have excellent Naturopathic Doctors
But often many can’t afford them

Or a new drug in trial stages and they don’t qualify.

But again it’s more than just a pill or a shot. 
Although we are grateful for the medication that helps us everyday 

We need better education for patients . 

You have to understand that with that pill comes other hazards 

There Is No Substitute For Knowledge And Information
Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment rake in big profits by keeping you in the dark. 
You hear a commercial for a medication and it’s mostly about the side effects 
But if you gather unbiased, scientifically-based knowledge, you will find out the truth. 
Then and only then can you make logical decisions 

We must work together  Allopathic and Naturopathic 
The primary goal of allopathic medical practices is to diagnose and treat a disease through suppression or removal. The primary goal of naturopathic medicine is to diagnose and treat a disease process through supporting and strengthening the body’s natural resources.

Seek nutrition counseling , use of essential oils,alternatives ,herbology.

I take an herbology class and I have learned so much. 

I wish the teacher who is a Naturopathic Doctor was covered under my insurance.
Food can harm you or help you. I am working on that. 
Eat well as often and as best as you can. I am working on this daily. 
And we need to start getting a grip on this many people eat but are lacking in nutrition that the body needs. 
I pic this post

 Because I to am working on it. 

To be inspired check out her blog 




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