Dread Getting the Mail Somedays…


So having Osteonecrosis and Spondylolithesis as well as Osteoarthritis is inconvenient, painful and costly. Sometimes it’s so costly it to is painful.

You always want to do as your Doctor asks, but ya know many times they often cost us more money than they realize.

So do your homework and learn to speak up and stick up for yourself.
So having Osteonecrosis I get MRIs yearly and X-rays a couple times a year to track any progression or non progression of the bone disease.

So I learned a hard and costly lesson

Call around and price your MRIs and    X-rays , don’t just assume your getting a decent price. 

How I learned this was I was going to get an X-ray of my knee about a year ago , listening to my doctor I went to a convenient location in the same building as my doctor.

Well I got the X-rays just for a  few standing knee Images 

About a month later I get a bill in the mail for 1,700.00 for X-rays. 

Surely it was a mistake, I only had a few. 

So I called and there was no mistake my portion was 1700.00usd

I was pretty pissed off because the place I had X-rays was actually part of a local hospital, although you would never know it by the name of the place. 

I paid less money for an MRI of my spine and an MRI of my knee than I now owed for a few X-rays. 

There really should not be this big of a difference in going to a place in he same bldg as my doctor or a stand alone facility.

It’s not like my Doctor was located in a hospital.

Yet they continue to get away with this 

And why don’t insurance companies warn you about this? We pay enough premium $ whether it’s out of our paycheck or disability.

Then you have the ridiculous deductibles, which is why I had to pay the full amount. No 5000.00 deductible was met

So just do your homework on everything bloodwork, physical therapy, do they charge you per visit or as outpatient because that also controls what you will pay. 

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