God Prepares Us for Life In The Waiting Room of Life

Admit it we all hate waiting
Waiting in traffic, in line at the grocery store
doctors offices
Or the worst test results or a family member in surgery

I think we have to learn to wait for everything
maybe it’s a big test

Having Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis
OA, Factor V Leiden hetero and Spondylolisthesis in my L5 S1
I often have to wait until my body is feeling ok to
tackle the grocery store, taking out trash etc…
We ask for things and we expect it to be instant
and are frustrated when it isn’t

But maybe its already in the making and we just have to wait for it

1. Waiting can be a timing issue
See Gal 4:4
2. Waiting can be a battle issue
See Daniel 10:13

3. Waiting can be a growth issue
See Roman 8:24
Just like the bamboo plant

we wait

we plant it by cutting a piece of bamboo and planting it
we water it every day
and we wait
a year goes by
we wait
2 years goes by
we water it
we wait
year 3,4,5,6
still watering it and
but then all of a sudden
in year 7
the bamboo plant can grow 3 feet in a few days

It takes 7 years for a bamboo plant to grow
We I think are like the bamboo plant

we have to nurture our faith

ways we can grow while we are waiting is
to help others

volunteer at church

raise awareness for a disease
to help others suffering

Then just like the Bamboo plant
we grow



Psalm 27:14

Wait patiently on the LORD, be strong, be brave and courageous.




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