So I’m participating in TheMighty 30 day challenge 

We will get promoted on days what to write about. 

Journey of Self
So I often wonder how the hell I got in this crazy chronic aging body
I used to be healthy, perfect weight, full of energy and always on the go. 

One things for certain you really have to love yourself when diagnosed with a chronic condition 
I have OA, Osteonecrosis aka Avascular Necrosis, Factor V Leiden, and Spondylolithesis.

All in the past few years one after another.

I try to 

Do things that make me happy.
it is much easier to give in to the pain and discomfort. Then you can curl yourself into a ball, lay on a couch and just watch the days go by But who really wants that life???

I sure as hell don’t. 

Instead, I find ways that i can be more comfortable 

Im only 54 I’m young and strong. That is so much of an advantage. 

Many doctors say they do not want to perform surgery on folks my age at first  I felt betrayed by my orthos, now I see it as a blessing now I see and I can understand their reasoning.. But, when you are still under 55 and strong, you can bounce back from surgery much better than someone age 65 or 70 
Just because I have a long list of bone issues and a hereditary blood clot disorder doesn’t mean I’m going to wallow on my sofa and waste my life away   

Sure I’m not as active as I was 2 years ago but our bodies are not meant to be idle and I will move as much as I can as long as I can. 

I may not be able to hike like I did, but I have to move every day somehow.

I take it slow , I walk maybe a mile and rest and then another mile. And I window shop. And then there are days I will do very little because of pain. But I will still ride my recumbent bike a couple miles.
I blog, I have an Avascular Necrosis Support Group

I wrote a booklet for patients and their families as well as for doctors. So they can understand what we go through.

Because unless you have avn you really can’t comprehend our bone and joint pain

That being said 

There is no reason to sentence yourself for life  on the sofa in pain and discomfort. I refuse. I know I can’t work in my eye care field but maybe someday I will again. I pray for that. 
There are so many different treatments and in today’s technology we should be having access to stem cell injections cheaper.  I have done a Prp injection and it is helping my knee, that and eating anti inflammatory foods 
Plus  even if  I cant do what I did yesterday, I just think about what I can do tomorrow ! 

I changed the way I eat. I got rid of the garbage although now and then I love a good burger and fries. 

But I have declared 2017 as the year of Deborah 
I just bought a couple new dvds I’m going to try this week I saw forever painless with Miranda on PBS and I want to try the ones for chronic pain.  So for me it’s not so much about change , it’s about living the best life I can with several chronic diseases and pain. 

I’m all about self improvement and with all my bone issues the last thing I want is to lose muscle and become weaker. 
Today I did my nails , make up and hair. 
So anything I can do to keep me feeling like me. I’m all in. 






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