#MyMightyMonth TvShowofMyLife

The TV show of my life would be bitingly funny, but in much more of a dark and real way than traditional sitcoms. 

I would call it 
The Waiting Room
It would take place in NE Ohio
Rather than being a show that can easily be watched as individual episodes out of order, like Everybody Loves Raymond or Friends ,it would have larger, overarching storylines that mostly shows me struggling against the real world, and exploring the humour that can come with that. 
It would be the sort of show that left people thinking about episodes long after they are over, and would be placed very much in the modern world. 
More than anything, it would deal with the intense difficulties that come with human relationships not only in a romantic sense, but also in friendships, with family, especially when it affects someones health and career.

Like Breaking Bad it would get more and more popular as it went on, and retain an extremely loyal group of avid viewers.

Because everyone struggles at some point , some more than others. 


Adam Sandler

Drew BarryMoore


Kyra Sedgwick





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