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#MyMightyMonth Day 7  If I was to go Back to School

#MyMightyMonth Day7If I was to go back to school

I would study to be a Naturopathic Doctor 
So I could help people get to the root cause of their underlying diagnosis 
I firmly believe we have the ability to cure ourselves if given the right tools

I would work 3 days a week

2 of which were with paying clients 

The other day volunteer and all for free

Unfortunately Naturopathic Medicine isn’t covered by insurance which is ridiculous since it’s the oldest form of medicine. 

But I would work with patients and their PCP 


The body always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is listening and doing what your body needs. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2012, Avascular Necrosis aka Osteonecrosis in my knee in 2014 and Factor V Leiden hetero, and Spondylolisthesis 2016 Health Advocate-Health Activist-World Changer Love photography, cooking, hiking, walking ,traveling and learning to live a new normal since my diagnosis. My Links Facebook Main Profile Main Blog Twitter - Instagram - and Support Group Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Support Int’l Awareness for Avascular Necrosis & Other Conditions of The Bone and Joints Avascular Necrosis Awareness Day November 29 – working with elected officials to get this recognized in all states Avascular Necrosis-Osteonecrosis Knowledge and Education Facebook Link

2 thoughts on “#MyMightyMonth Day 7  If I was to go Back to School

  1. Great post and you also echo my greatest frustration with our healthcare system (and I am from Canada). Naturopathic medicine is not reimbursed by the government unless you have private insurance. Since I am on Social Assistance, I get a drug card, and very little money, which inhibits my choice. I can take pharmaceuticals – it’s a no-brainer because they are free and it allows me money for the basics for food or rent – but pharmaceuticals don’t fix my problems, they only mask them. Grrr!
    Pursue your dreams, it will be exciting to watch as you explore them.
    Peace, Harlon

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