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#MyMightyMonth Day3 Dear Future Self

Dear future self 

Whewwwww we made it!!
You are a true survivor 

I’m writing this letter preparing you for the bumpy ride you will be on for a few years 

It’s going to be challenging and discouraging at times

And also rewarding 

So don’t give up. 

You will feel pain like never before 

But you will learn to over come that and control it

You have learned so much on this journey 

You know you have always been strong

But you are even stronger than you thought. 

Your going to meet a lot of new people along the way.

All over the world and you build great friendships.

You will also be surprised by the ignorance of so many especially in the medical profession , your experience with several will not be very good.

But you know your body and you fire them. 
They don’t understand what your going through and their God complex has been challenged and they can’t handle that they can’t just “fix” you. 

In time you get the proper treatment and you thrive

Sometimes people like family friends coworkers 

Don’t understand what your going through 

And you make it easy for them so they don’t worry

But they often especially in the beginning have no idea how much pain your in. 

I will tell you

Along this journey your optical career will end
But you develop a passion for writing and you still help others just not in an optical setting

So don’t give up

It will be ok

I love you








The body always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is listening and doing what your body needs. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2012, Avascular Necrosis aka Osteonecrosis in my knee in 2014 and Factor V Leiden hetero, and Spondylolisthesis 2016 Health Advocate-Health Activist-World Changer Love photography, cooking, hiking, walking ,traveling and learning to live a new normal since my diagnosis. My Links Facebook Main Profile Main Blog Twitter - Instagram - and Support Group Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Support Int’l Awareness for Avascular Necrosis & Other Conditions of The Bone and Joints Avascular Necrosis Awareness Day November 29 – working with elected officials to get this recognized in all states Avascular Necrosis-Osteonecrosis Knowledge and Education Facebook Link

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