#MyMightyMonth Day4 Dream Vacation 

#MyMightyMonthDay 4

My Dream Vacation 


Tough One
I would like to say my dream vacation would be touring Europe Travel to the Netherlands for 4 days 

then off to Germany for 3, 

then 8 days in Croatia 🇭🇷, 

3 days in Austria, 

3 days in Italy then back to the U.K. and a quick 2 day stop in Ireland but 
Before heading home I fly to Oklahoma for a 2 day retreat with all the members of your AVN group. We all came from various states and countries around the world .And you laugh and just have fun. 

What a great experience traveling 

I am torn as to whom I want to go with me. 

I’m thinking my daughter and granddaughter a girls travel experience seems perfect 

But for the AVN group meet and greet I go alone. 

I just know I would love to travel Europe
See family over seas

Track family roots further and see where they lived. 
Here are some pictures of where I would like to visit. 

Places in Croatia 

Meet family 

Zagreb and Split 

Musical Steps aka Sea Organ

Amsterdam Art Museums and Tulips Netherlands 
Rock of Cashel Ireland

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the symbol of Vienna Austria

Brandenburg Gate ,Museum Island Berlin Germany 

Florence Cathedral & Almafi Coast Italy 

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