#MyMightyMonth Day5  SetTimer and write for 5 Minutes

MyMightyMonthDay 5

My thoughts are all over the place right now.
I’ve not just dealt with my own chronic conditions the past 2 years 




Factor V Leiden
But now I’m diagnosed with a hernia WTF

I have to go get all the details in a couple weeks from recent Ct Scan 


My husband had a heart attack 21 days before Christmas 

122 days before we start our Florida journey 
And Im just feeling pissed off, let down,disappointment.
I get sick of getting road blocks at every turn. 
It’s tiring and I’m just sick of it. 

It’s not just a change for my husband 

But a change and adjustment for me to

Now we have to live on our savings which is what we are to move on

Now in the unknown 


It Blows 

First it was me now it’s him
Good God can’t I win the lottery or stumble across about 15k. ?!!

Life would be so much easier 
Will he recover and do well

Will my body hold up to all the extra work and tasks I’m doing 

Will our plans gapped

Am I just kidding myself 
All I know is 

I’m tired of the roadblocks 

I mean is this living? Or am I just holding on! 

I know this mood will pass but for now I fell let down and pissed off. 

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