#MyMightyMonth Day6 Letter to my illness 


Dear Osteonecrosis, Spondylolithesis OA and Factor V as well as new Hernia 
You all think you can slowly somehow rob me of a painless life
A life where sitting was when you were tired, not because your body hurt so bad some days you could only sit and or lie down. 

Osteonecrosis you may have stopped me from my optical career

But guess what I’m not giving up 

I will find new 


You have taught me a lot 

And you and your buddies 

Osteoarthritis and Spondylolithesis & Factor V Leiden 

Have helped me become the Health Advocate and Activist I am today 

So thank you. 

I just thought I would set the record straight with all of you. 

I’m in control of my body not any of you. You keep trying to step in an control it but wake up call , it’s not going to happen !! 

And changing the way I eat and taking supplements and using my recumbent bike will help me rid you out of my life. 

Or at least shut you up. 

Somedays the screaming in my bones is near intolerable.
Because it’s a power struggle between you and I 

So I’m taking steps to shut you up. 

I try to keep moving even in pain

I am learning eating 70/30 veggies raw and cooked mostly plant based diet is helping me. 

Not curing me but helping me

In the end you will see I was not someone to mess with. 
P/S and to hernia you don’t stand a chance. 








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