#MyMightyMonth Day8 Time Travel 

Well my time machine is pretty sophisticated it also goes to the future and back in time. 

My time machine will drop you off automatically dressed in clothing fitting of the time, so you can choose to blend in and quietly observe if you want to. Or talk and interact with the people of that time
You can also bring objects from 2017 in case you get in a jam. Which remain invisible to others. 

And your presence will not change history at all. 

So many places 

So much history 

I love history 

Anything related to Jesus. 

Yes I’m a believer and Christian 
I’d really want to talk to him, walk with him , pray with him and ask him questions about his mission and what he thought his impact on history and the world would be. 

I would not want to see him crucified, watching that would be to traumatic for me. 

Or maybe I would travel back to 1776 to see the Declaration of Independence signed. 

Or 1920

The right of women to vote Ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote a right known as woman suffrage. 

Or maybe to see my grandparents coming to the USA from then Yugoslavia. And start a new life

Or go back to say 1967

I would be 5 years old and just spend time with my parents.

Or 1980 I would be 18 and spend time with my parents.

My dad died in 1988 age 56

My mom died in 2000 age 65

I really miss them. 

This picture  of my parents was from 1987

They were married in October-1956

Or maybe I would go to the future instead

To see how medicine has evolved in say 2025 or 2050

To see how people act to one another. 

Will we be more human to each other

Or just a technology based world with little human interaction 
I know that no matter what era I would travel to

It would be an amazing journey



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