#My Reality 

Tonight on 20/20 on ABC Episode Called 

My Reality 

Diane Sawyer examines how millions of Americans feel like they are struggling to stay in the middle class during a report featuring stories from across the U.S., including those of firefighters, fast food workers, Silicon Valley employees and professors.

I wonder how many suffer from Chronic conditions?

I know in my own household 

I have Osteoarthritis,Osteonecrosis ,Spondylolithesis and Factor V Leiden and was just recently diagnosed with a hernia.
But last month my husband had a heart attack and stents put in. 
So we know how it feels to be ahead of the game and then health issues happen and before you know it your savings can be gone

We have been planning and are moving to Florida in mid spring  Lord willing

And we have a promise not to touch x amount of dollars of that money. 


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