#MyMighty Day10 

For me it’s no so much about not having time for things I love 

Like hiking 

Being in Nature with my camera.

It’s so beautiful and peaceful to be in nature

Being disabled you have ALOT of time

For me 

It’s about my mobility or the lack there of. 

With Osteonecrosis,Osteoarthritis and Spondylolithesis 

I can’t really do a lot of hiking. 

Sometimes I get sad thinking life is passing me by.

But I have to let go of destructive thoughts like that. 
I focus on new things

Like putting my thoughts in print

Writing a book soon

Having a blog

And being proud of my being

A Health Advocate and Activist 


Those listed above.
I take pride in the fact I wrote a booklet on Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis 

And it’s now been sent to people in approx 10 different countries

200 copies mailed to newly diagnosed patients so they can understand the disease.
My goal is to find sponsors so I can run an ad in the back of the booklet with your logo company or office so I can keep printing it. 
And I have also sent a few to doctors and I want that to be an ongoing project.

I miss things like hiking up the Allegheny and running down the stairs real fast. 

I’m no a fan of stairs anymore 

I even miss being on a ladder to wash my walls

And boy do I miss going to work 40 hrs a week. 

I was an optometric technician and apprentice optician. 

But I know I can’t do that with AVN in my knee
But I’m creative, 

A swiffer pole and a rag and wa la I can wash walls.

I am hoping that the Prp injections will help.

I am controlling my pain naturally and with diet changes
I want to not focus on things I can’t do or things I miss

And be proud and grateful for what I can do. 
And how I am helping others but just in a different way. 
I have found new ways to exercise 

I have a recumbent bike to stay moving, the body was not meant to be idle. 

And that makes me feel good. 

Here’s the cover of the booklet I wrote. 





#Factor V Leiden





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