#MyMightyMonth Day 12 Swap places

#MyMightyMonth Day 12
If I could trade places with anyone for a day 


We all are so worried about being someone else 

It’s like nothing is ever good enough. 
Do I want to be someone richer?smarter? Prettier?

Or a man for a day?
Difficult question 

But after a lot of thought I would like to be for a day

Laurene Powell Jobs

Wife of the late Steve Jobs
I would have enough money and power to make a difference if just for a day. 
I could do so much 
Get the lowdown on Disney and check out advancements in stem cell research, feed a lot of hungry people in the USA 

I would worry less about immigration and focus all my energy on people of my country that are hurting 
No struggles, no financial woes 
But then who knows what she deals with every day. 
I kinda like being me
I just wish I had more financial freedom 

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