A Thank You Letter to Myself 

#MyMightyMonth Day 13

Show yourself some love with a thank you note

Dear Me

I’m writing today to tell you thank you. 
Thank you for never giving up or giving into pain. 
Thank you for always looking for ways to get rid of this dreadful pain 

Thank you for changing your eating habits and going to a clean more plant based life. I love it. 
Thank you for your amazing strength your incredible awesome strength in dealing with chronic pain and inflammation we know from reading that  so many Patients with chronic pain are often crippled by psychological distress, depression and fear.

But not you. Your fighting a great fight it’s exhausting but your hanging tough 

You have dealt with so much your entire life
But that past couple years have been a real health challenge for you and your handling it.

First Diagnosed with Osteoarthritis 2013

Then Osteonecrosis in knee 2014

Then Spondylolithesis in 2016

And Factor V Leiden in 2016

And now a Hernia in 2017

I mean good god 

Plus husband heart attack 6 weeks ago honestly it is a lot and I’m so grateful for you. 

Many would be a wreck your doing everything you can not to be. 

Thank you for allowing your self a good cry now and then it’s helped. 
For your Osteonecrosis Pain in knee.    You have managed to go from pain on a scale of 1-10.                                                       It being a 6-7 all day everyday for 16 months straight,  to it now being a 2-3 75percent of the time with the occasional pain of 6 maybe 1-2 times a week. 

Great Job !! 
Osteoarthritis is always a stiffness present but you have learned if you have to sit or rest every hour your sit you must move around for 10 minutes. 

Moving is Good!!!
The one that is the most challenging is this damn Spondylolithesis 

It’s not as if you have enough shit to deal with like the OA, AVN/ON but to also have Spondylolithesis 

Can’t get a break. 

A spinal disorder in which a bone (vertebra) slips forward onto the bone below it.

Causes legs to go numb.                         Severe back pain after walking.             Pain intense many days it to gets exhausting.

Thank you for being strong
Stronger than I thought
Stronger than Doctors thought

And thank you for firing some of those so called Doctors that just didn’t care about you or helping you. 

They just wanted to wait until your bone collapses and then do surgery 

Good lord.                                                         They lack such compassion.                           I hope get relief with Prp and I hope someday you can afford stem cell injections before you Osteonecrosis goes to later stage. 

Thanks for starting a f b support group

Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Int’l Support 

You have met some great people 
Some amazing people 

And thanks for taking the time to write a booklet on avn
You took what happened and turned it into a positive 

I remember the diagnosis day.                       We got absolutely no info.                          Just a diagnosis that left you terrified 

I hope you stay strong.                      Continue fighting a painful life
Finding ways to cope and sharing the knowledge you learn along the way. 






#Factor V Leiden 



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