#MyMightyMonth Days 24-16

#MyMightyMonthDay 24

If I could cure myself would I and why!!?
The answer is hell yes

I would love to go back to work

Earn a living and get off ssd 

I loved working in the eyecare field as an Optometric Tech & Optician 

I would be less stressed 
I could walk normally, run up and down the stairs



We were meant to move not be less active 

Pain is a bitch especially when it’s chronic 


Day 23 down to Day 16
So if I am pioneering to mars

Assuming there’s already water & bubble dome shelters with generators and heat source ready after the 200 day travel just to get there we all will need about 4000kg of supplies just to get there. 

My top 10 things I would bring with me are



3.Greenhouse Domes for fruit and Veggies We will also bring our own seeds and soil pellets from earth 🌏 so we don’t get loaded with radiation. Bring extra seeds!!

4.Phone even though there’s no signal it’s a camera and holds a lot of family pics. Can you imagine the sunrises?

5.Food Pellets- entire meals are in capsule size and we need enough for 3 years 5 meals a day as well as tea and coffee pellets

6.WaterFiltrationSystem and O2 to live





10.Since Mars has 40 minutes more of daylight protective eyewear
In reality I don’t really want to go there it’s to unknown for me
I am not in top shape so my rate of survival wouldn’t be as good & my body hates the cold. 


Day 22

My perfect day would be pain free spending time with my family at the beach on a 78-80 degree day humidity is low and sun is pretty bright

Then we build big sandcastles
After that we head to a surf side restaurant eat some healthy food

Watch sunset maybe see a beach evening concert 


Day 21

So I am adopting a pet

It will be a dog/puppy

I choose a small scruffy puppy

I name him will be 


He’s adorable little yorkie that somehow got lost from his family and no one claimed him,or he could have just been dropped off at the shelter cause they can’t afford him.

Floppy little ears and an adorable face. 

He will be an added joy to my life and he will aid in helping me walk and stay active as we all know with Chronic pain can be hard. 

#MyMightyMonth.                                        Day 20

People like to make a lot of assumptions about me at first sight, but for some reason, they think I’m stuck up or something, but actually I’m a very kind and generous person and that’s to all people,they also think they know so much more than I do. 

I think when you start to get older and you get those dreaded Marionette Lines

Near your mouth that makes you look mad or sad when your actually happy
It drives me crazy when people assume I’m mad when I’m not. 

Someday I would love to fix that

But until then I wish people would stop assuming things. It gets tiring having to smile all the time. 
I also have an IQ score of 130

I love learning & research of any kind and I am a big history and ancestry lover as well as I enjoy politics .



I’m walking down the street and find a bag of money

There must be 70,000 in it

No name No business info

Just money

It’s a hard decision I have to admit

But I do the right thing and notify someone in law enforcement 

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy but it’s the best thing for the soul. 


Day 18

I would open a new health restaurant beautifully done and we have plants growing inside

The food is amazing & it’s very successful enjoy


Day 16
Draw my day 

Well living in NE Ohio is challenging because of lack of sun sudden changes in weather 


Day 17

10 things I need to hear today
I need to hear things will get better

Things will be stressful 

We’re moving to Florida earlier than expected 

Your husband will be ok to go back to work

I got sponsors for my blog

I got more sponsors for my blog 

I got a good news from a publisher

My leg has been healed

All medical bills are paid in full

I got a good book deal

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