Good Intentions (Poem) by Deborah L Andio

You woke up one morning, Good intentions at hand 

I must get in better shape 

So I can play in the sand. 

But one day I was exercising                       

And felt something strange                        

To then soon discover, that my life will be changed.

The simplest of tasks, became a physical drain

My emotions seem frazzled from all of this pain

I feel like a failure, racked with pain all the time 

Why am I faced with yet another mountain to climb.

I miss my job yes even my boss

I can’t stand not working I feel kinda lost. 

I was to I have this rare condition called Osteonecrosis 

So I prayed and prayed it was a misdiagnosis 

It’s now been 2 years trying to find ways to help the pain

Some days pain plays tricks on this wonderful brain. 

But I’m doing ok as I have things kind of managed

I changed how I eat and it’s working to my advantage 

Who know what the future holds 

But I became a heath advocate and my story will be told

If your ever in pain and it becomes persistent 

Don’t allow pain to make you feel nonexistent 

Your voice matters 

Your everyone’s hope

It’s now up to you to throw them a rope 

Never give in and never give up

Days you will be pain free and then have a flare-up

Never forget your amazing and strong

And everyday keep moving & plugging along

Always be grateful for your here and alive

And never forget you can do anything with God at your side. 

Poem by.                                                  Deborah L Andio                                         Debla

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