PuppyBowl vs SuperBowl 2017

Honestly, the only other thing more important than being glued to your television screen to watch the Falcons face off against the Patriots during Sunday’s Super Bowl LI is being glued to your television screen to watch adorable puppies play football for the Puppy Bowl XIII.
If you’re one of those that prefers watching puppies play fake football to watching men tackle each other on a field, don’t worry. 

You can watch both because the Puppy Bowl will be airing right before the Super Bowl at 12 p.m. Pacific time (3 p.m. Eastern).
So we have good news and bad news. Because it’s 2017, you can live stream the Puppy Bowl on your handy dandy computer or tablet. Bad news: It’s not totally free. Unless you have cable then it’s on animal planet. 
And they are so cute!!

It’s not nearly as difficult as regular American football. You get a field of puppies running around playing with each other and plenty of chew toys. If a puppy drags a chew toy across the goal line, it’s considered a touch down. There are also a few dog-related penalties that can be called during the game like “unnecessary ruffness.” Ha. Yes, the pun is absolutely intended.

And the puppy half time show doesn’t feature lousy entertainment  like the Super Bowl that is far from entertaining and is now used as a bitch fest & political platform. We don’t want to hear any more political rhetoric the election is over. We have a new POTUS and like him or not he is the POTUS 
We are Boycotting SuperBowl
And we Americans have a right to have an entertaining Super Bowl a peaceful non political half time  entertainment 

But we know that won’t happen 

My husband & I will be one of many boycotting the Super Bowl 

Playing Monopoly or something other than watching the game. 
And to those entertainers who keep forcing your political views on us. Be on notice we don’t care what you have to say. 

I will check it out later the next day on you tube. 

But it’s about $$$ 

I’m not supporting anything or anyone who tries to force their views on me whether I agree or disagree. I’m just sick of hearing them !!

 Our country has been transformed into a coast-to-coast high school cafeteria, and a food fight of biblical proportions is just getting under way. 
Who you voted for, who you supported, all is a big deal. I thought it was to be private. I mean who cares who you voted for!!
If You voted for HC or BS your for political freedom helping the world etc.   they say!! Wrong 

If you voted DJT , you’re friends with racism, bigotry and misogyny. That is just ridiculous and Wrong!! 
I wonder who are you for if you voted Jobs, Better taxes, Help the middle class ? I guess we only know personally 

My prediction for the game is Patriots 31 Falcons 27

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