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Happy Monday! Thankful the month is going smooth so far! Murp! 

I don’t want to jinx it, but I am feeling pretty good and the temps temporarily warmed up to Have February feeling like spring. 
Tom and I are just grateful that we can see a light ahead, 
Saw the cardiologist and

Toms doctor feels his heart is doing well
And is releasing him back to work with some restrictions 
But Tom and I are happy about that. 
I am so grateful for his surgeons 

And today was above 40 degrees Fahrenheit so my bones are happy
Thank you Lord for a 

Marvelous Day!! 


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Some of my 



Information on bone all disease



Support Group if you have Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Only

Song of the Day


The body always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is listening and doing what your body needs. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2012, Avascular Necrosis aka Osteonecrosis in my knee in 2014 and Factor V Leiden hetero, and Spondylolisthesis 2016 Health Advocate-Health Activist-World Changer Love photography, cooking, hiking, walking ,traveling and learning to live a new normal since my diagnosis. My Links Facebook Main Profile Main Blog Twitter - Instagram - and Support Group Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Support Int’l Awareness for Avascular Necrosis & Other Conditions of The Bone and Joints Avascular Necrosis Awareness Day November 29 – working with elected officials to get this recognized in all states Avascular Necrosis-Osteonecrosis Knowledge and Education Facebook Link

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