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My favorite things to help my pain. 

My Favorite Things To Help Pain and Inflammation 
Living In NE Ohio in the winter maybe pretty but the bones are no longer a fan.

Is pain getting in your way ? or just functioning?
Whether it’s my Avascular Necrosis in my knee or Osteoarthritis or Spondylolithesis in back , I reach for my Thermacare Heat Wraps. 
For me when I am in intense pain and so stiff I feel as if someone poured concrete in my joints,this is my go to. 

It’s also my go to when trying to cope with NE Ohio winters. 
You see Avascular Necrosis aka Osteonecrosis is a lack of blood flow to the bones. 

With lack of blood flow the bone or joint breaks done and will eventually collapse .
In the winter these are life savers for me. They help keep my blood flowing and gives me the warmth my bones need.

ThermaCare Heat Wraps provide long lasting pain relief that soothes, relaxes and unlocks tight muscles and joints
ThermaCare must have some advanced technology because I didn’t get relief from heating pads, or over the counter pain cremes
And it lasts for like 10 hrs!
Grateful for Themacare Heat Wraps

I’m also grateful for CureMed Curcumin 375mg
About 7 months ago I started using this. Love it!!

Helps with inflammation I’m so glad my Ortho said I could use this. I have found it helps my pain so much. 

It won’t work overnight but I noticed a difference in about 4-7 days
Now I’m not pain free everyday, especially in cold months, but compared to how I felt 2 years ago it’s a big relief. 
Remember NEVER try anything with out your Doctors approval as so things can interfere with medication 

More to come…….Stay Tuned…..









The body always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is listening and doing what your body needs. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2012, Avascular Necrosis aka Osteonecrosis in my knee in 2014 and Factor V Leiden hetero, and Spondylolisthesis 2016 Health Advocate-Health Activist-World Changer Love photography, cooking, hiking, walking ,traveling and learning to live a new normal since my diagnosis. My Links Facebook Main Profile Main Blog Twitter - Instagram - and Support Group Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Support Int’l Awareness for Avascular Necrosis & Other Conditions of The Bone and Joints Avascular Necrosis Awareness Day November 29 – working with elected officials to get this recognized in all states Avascular Necrosis-Osteonecrosis Knowledge and Education Facebook Link

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