Healthcare System Broken

We have a true healthcare crisis in our country and probably in many countries. 
People in the medical community are not really worrying about you or I as a patient and our medical care, they are worrying about making money on you the patient and we need to stop this now.
It’s been getting worse for the past 8-10 years. 
The ACA made it worse I hate to say but it’s true. 

Estimated we spend trillion dollars in USA spent on unnecessary medical treatments
We need Doctors running the healthcare system not businessmen 
Then there’s us the patient 

We pay for healthcare 

Yet we go to doctors need tests or treatment only to find out it’s not covered by health insurance or the co pay is so large or deductible we end up paying for the test out of our own pocket 


I had an X-ray of knee several months back. Doctor said go to poland imaging and I did. 

I get a bill 1700.00 for X-rays 
So when I needed Mri I called around 

For a stand alone imaging place paid 560.00 cash insurance covered zero until deductible met
Now If I would have went back to poland imaging that same Mri 3200.00

Same thing with my recent CT Scan cost me 590.00 vs 2100.00 

Because it’s affiliated with a local hospital.!!
Private Insurance companies are for profit you pay them they raise your deductible and copays and rates and yet cover nothing much until your 4K deductible is met .

Or many procedures aren’t covered at all

Stem cell injections 


The list goes on and on
I guess 

Greed clouds your judgement 
We spend more money on healthcare than any other country and we’re not getting good quality healthcare, it’s about the mighty dollar versus good medical care

Did you know 30 percent of Medicare ( for elderly and disabled) (Not to be confused with Medicade which I’m sure has their own horror stories) but Medicare spending is unnecessary or harmful to the patient. 
They (Hospitals Doctors Research) say they don’t have enough $ I just don’t understand it , we need to get talking about this insisting on better affordable care! 
Make sure you Doctors are licensed and board certified research them on line via your state medical board


We need to get 3 references from other patients of any doctor if you can’t get them there’s a problem 

We need to highlight the great Doctors who do excellent work
We also need to spotlight the Doctors who do more harm than good. 








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