Food E Crave …Yes Please!

Get your coffee from Ohio and Cake from New York?! 

Yes Please

What a Great idea Danny Catullo, owner of Catullo Prime Meats, and Ross Monroe  have launched FoodECrave, a startup company at the Youngstown Business Incubator. is an online marketplace for food vendors, artisans, and local food businesses and creates deliverable food boxes that can be shipped all over 

FoodECrave recently created a local fulfillment center that specializes in shipping perishables.

The FoodECrave website described the new enterprise: “… Our goal is to connect foodies to the same quality meats that restaurants, marketplaces and local food retailers have access to. It’s also to allow local small businesses that create delicious foods a place to sell those products. 
We are located in Youngstown, Ohio, but our vendors and customers are located all over the country. We want to make access to great foods available to everyone no matter where you are located, or what you are interested in cooking.”

For more information
I would like to add that my family has done with The Catullos for over 50 years.

The Grandpa Danny Catullo and My Uncle Anthony “Tat” Marciano had a Butcher shop on Market Street decades ago.

Always was top notch and still remains the best butcher shop and friendly workers.

Many businesses can learn from them. 

They have the best customer service period. 

I wish them great success!!

Deb Andio

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