Just a thought on Arteries & Veins and Bones

So I was reading about a Coronary Calcification CTScanAnd it got me thinking
1. Is hard water contributing to this? I mean think about what happens to our water pipes with hard water vs soft. Could this also affect our bones , blood flow re: AVN ? 

2. What about Calcium and Calcium supplements .

I find it interesting that Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis is cause by a temporary or permanent loss of blood flow to bone. 

When that happens to your heart you have a heart attack, if it happens to your brain you suffer a stroke.  Could there be more research that needs done to see just how  they intertwine 

What are your thoughts? Here is some info I found. 

I will tell you about reasons why in few days …….




Arteries in thigh

Arteries in knee

Arteries in lower Leg 

Arteries in foot

Lower line veins https://youtu.be/AinzrO_qnHw

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