When you drop by

When you come to this site, I show you who I am. Sometimes it’s only a certain mood in a photo and a notation that I’m a little tired that week, or in pain or stressed Other times, I open up maybe a little too much . 

But I want you to know about me and maybe experience my love of cooking and how I am trying to combat my pain through better eating better cooking. 

As you see I also love photography especially nature.

My passion to spread awareness for Osteonecrosis 



Factor V Leiden

Eating Healthy

Food is thy Medicine 

Dealing with Pain

Herbal Remedies 

Great Recipes 
I still try to get out and about unfortunately the past month or so have presented more challenges than I would have hoped. 
Tom’s heart attack and stent surgery in December 2016 was a set back for our Florida move. 

But thank God he’s doing well now

Now my hernia is a set back and this stress test crap Monday will be a week I had it how long do they take to call you with results? I’m calling if I don’t hear something soon. 

I just want to get the a ok so I can reschedule my hernia surgery and get well so we can move on with our life. And get to Florida already.
It’s going to be fabulous seeing my daughter, granddaughter and son in law more often. 

And most of my high school friends are there living. 

I can deal with the Osteonecrosis and Osteoarthritis a lot better in warmer weather than I can cold. 
I will be so glad to just get this hernia surgery done and  over with 
Here are some of my photos 

I hope you find the beauty in each one. 

I find each one breathtaking because when you look at the beauty of nature you know God is real. Here is the evidence. 


MillCreek Flower Garden

Fellows Riverside Garden MCP

Fall in MCP

My song for today 

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