My Supplements 

A question I get relatively often from people is if I take any supplements, and if so, which ones?I started taking them and kind of experimenting with them about a 16 months ago because I was desperate to get bone pain relief.
I hated feeling like I could cry from the exhaustion of dealing with everyday all day all night pain. 

The mind and body can only tolerate so much pain. Then ya start to get in a full time funk or depression and I wasn’t going to allow me to feel even worse and just make everything worse 
So I tried a combo that finally works for me it consists of krill oil, curcumin, vitamin D, and co q 10.

I didn’t notice anything at first but with in a week I was feeling different not pain free but less pain all the time. Then as time went on, even less pain and 

sometimes I was even pain free for a few hours. 
I was able to actually go to the store , shop and put groceries away without wanting to cry or go lay down. After several months I was less stiff, the internal pressure I was feeling in my knee area was a lot better , still there just not as intense.
I have taken them faithfully ever since. For me it was such a great relief to have some relief because with Spondylolithesis in my L5 S1 you have pain all the time to. Unfortunately the supplements didn’t help that pain at all. 
But I was diagnosed with a hernia in December 2016 about 3 weeks after my husband had a heart attack and stent surgery and now I needed surgery and was told I must stop all supplements a week before surgery.
This about killed me. But I complied. By Day 4 with out my supplements and special tonics like turmeric tonic, golden milk etc I began getting that constant aggravating pain in my knee again and it was becoming ice cold all the time again. My entire body felt like shit. Stiff sore aching all the time. And I haven’t even had the surgery yet. 
Finally March 30th 2017 I had my hernia surgery. 8 days with no supplement, really did a number on my body and pain is pretty intense now not just from surgery but no supplements so every bone I have was in pain.


I decided to wait a day or 2 longer and then start back on supplements.
April 1st I started taking my supplements again. 

Today is April 6th and I have been back in all my supplements for 6 days now. Feeling a slight change but I think it may take about 2 weeks for all the supplements to really kick in. 
Hard to believe I felt like this everyday before my supplements. I would like to say weather plays also a big part in my pain. 

Yesterday it was 70

Today it’s 48

Tomorrow snow and 34.

It’s just worse since I stopped the supplements 
Probiotics is also essential for good bone health and especially gut healthy. 
The body works like a fine symphony when it’s healthy. And it’s like a train wreck when it’s not. 
It’s easy to judge a persons condition when your with them. 

You see how we are that day 

. You don’t see our life and what we deal with everyday 
So Don’t rely on what you see  

Most of us who suffer from chronic pain don’t want you to see how we really feel. And we do have good days.

We don’t want our condition to be the main topic of conversation. 
Some days it’s like being trapped between 2 worlds

Being to functional to be chronically ill and limited in mobility in to much pain to be considered healthy.

It’s like a vicious cycle sometimes.

The health of our bones is instrumental to our health and longevity in general. This understanding is especially important today, because there are so many toxins and contaminants in the environment and food chain. 

Keeping our bones and GI tract healthy is the first step to maintaining a healthy immune system, which is vital in protecting us from the epidemics lurking around every corner.
Red and white blood cell production alone makes maintaining optimal bone health an important requirement for optimal overall health, especially as we age. 
It is no coincidence that with aging, diminishing bone health is also accompanied by reduced energy, increased fatigue, an increase in digestive problems, and an increase in maladies associated with a weakening immune system. These maladies include such disorders as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, irritable and inflammatory bowel disorders, and a host of other chronic inflammatory and degenerative problems another excellent reason to make sure your diet is rich in high-quality probiotics and foods that are not pro-inflammatory, since pro-inflammatory foods will compound these problems. 
Bone cells and immune stem cells have a common origin and a functional relationship, just like the skin-and-brain connection known as the osteoimmune relationship. 
I will touch in that tomorrow 

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