Palm Sunday-The Beginning of Holy Week 

Holy Week Begins
So what is Palm Sunday and what is the meaning behind it? “According to scripture Palm Sunday is identified as the Sunday before the Friday Passover on which Jesus was crucified,”

Jesus  goes from being a lauded figure on Palm Sunday to being crucified on Friday because his followers had grown to an enormous number and the religious leader had become envious of Jesus and with their powerful influences persuades the people to turn against Him,
But Palm Sunday is also a day of celebration because it marks the day Jesus came to Jerusalem as the Savior of people. This year, Palm Sunday falls on April 9, which is the first day of the Holy Week.
The name of the day, Palm Sunday, is derived from the tradition of using palm fronds in reenacting Jesus Christ’s arrival in the Holy City. According to the Mirror, palm branches are known for being a sign of peace and were thrown at Jesus’ feet when he entered Jerusalem.
In keeping with the tradition, palms are carried in a procession into church during Palm Sunday Mass. These palms are later burned and the ashes are used on Ash Wednesday.

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