Clinical Trial info Virta Health Hope For Those With Diabetes or Who Are Pre-Diabetic 

I always come across new info while researching Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis 

I used to pass this stuff by. Now I’m going to share it to hopefully help others. 
Virta HealthTo help with diabetes

With the aid  of your smart phone 

I know a few people that have diabetes or are pre diabetic.
I heard about this thing called Virta Health

By Founder and CEO

Sami Inkinen

Link to information below 
Virta is an online specialty medical clinic that reverses type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery.

Groundbreaking Clinical Outcomes

In as little as three months, most patients see dramatic improvements in blood sugar control while reducing or eliminating medications, experience clinically significant weight loss, and improve triglycerides.

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  1. Just the other day my 24 year old son’s blood work showed he’s pre-diabetic. I’ve been after him for a while to get tested as he doesn’t take care of his health the way he should and it’s in the family. Well, he finally asked the doctor to test him letting the doctor know he was only having it done because his mother kept nagging him. He sure was surprised to see the test results! Now his girlfriend is on him, so mommy can step back : )


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