Feel More Grateful In Everyday Life, Because To Be Thankful Is To Be Happy

Let’s face it: Even when things seem to be going right in our lives, it’s still easy to be a bit salty and negative. Time to reprogram our thoughts.

We find things to complain about on a daily basis and then we wonder why we feel  lousy, and why our self esteem isn’t as good as it should be. we face constant stress and a lot we bring on ourselves.
It’s no secret that people who are chronically grateful are simply happier,positive.
We have to be aware of how our thought patterns affect us, as they directly correlate with the wellbeing of the most important organ the one that drives our livelihood. 
Far to often we say negative things without even realizing it. We have to change that. People just don’t understand if you say things enough either positive or negative, after you say them enough Your going to believe them.
Many thing and say , they aren’t smart enough, or pretty enough, or they just are negative, they worry about one thing vs focusing on another. Or someone no matter how hard they try just can’t lose the last 20 pounds. 
The chronically ill  person who is  happy that their tests came back great yet are already worrying about their next test which hasn’t even been scheduled yet. 

We can’t live that way.  

The man  or woman who knows their spouse had an affair, forgave them and yet still holds that grudge You chose to forgive them. Now let it go, or let them go. You can’t and shouldn’t allow yourself to keep dredging up the past. 

We can’t live that way.  

A young person is so worried about failure or not being smart enough, they already have given up before they started. They have no idea just how much potential and intelligence they have because they are stuck in the feeling defeated mode. Start living grateful more positive.
We can’t live that way.  

Everyday wake and be grateful you’re awake, tell yourself I am so grateful for my intelligence, I’m getting more focused everyday. The past thoughts are left in the past. I’m concentrating on the now so I have a bright future. I am grateful for my spouse/ partner. I am grateful for my family and friends. This beautiful day, the sun , the moon in every thing be grateful 
But it’s easier said than done, I know.  How can you feel more grateful in your everyday life, practically speaking? Work , school , illness traffic all the things that are stresses sometimes out us in a different state, now good or not so good I am living grateful.

It’s harder some days. 

But you have to TRY and you have to throughout the day keep saying positive things to yourself. 
We don’t even realize half the time when we’re saying unpleasant things. I’m not only referring to gossiping and badmouthing others(which isn’t good to do either) I’m talking about complaining about the world and criticizing yourself count as well, and constantly worrying about things that haven’t happened. 
All these words are just a waste of our time and energy, and they blind us from the incredible things that are happening right in front of our eyes. 

If we train our brains to focus on happiness, and positivity and being grateful for the right now, we’ll see a happy , less stressed and more carefree way of life blossom in front of our lives.
Would you tell your friends and family they are ugly or stupid to fat or to thin all the time? No and if you grew up that way change your attitude because God didn’t make any junk your brilliant you just don’t see it. 
Everyday For A Month Do this Simple Exercise..

Wake up and be GRATEFUL you woke up. 

Say to yourself 
1. I’m smart: thinking your not smart is just putting out negative energy, and do you really think God made you to be anything but great? 

2. I’m going to watch my words and language every day. 

3. I am beautiful just the way I am. Because God made me in his image.

4. I am going to be the best person Incan be.  

5. What ever I do work,school or both, I am going to give it my best. 

6. Look in the mirror every morning and tell that person that your brilliant and fully capable of whatever comes your way

7. Tell yourself I am well and I am felling better everyday. Pain will not overcome me. Health hurdles are not going to stop me. I am stronger than my pain or illness.

8. Every single moment is a gift, and embrace it. And be grateful for you and every challenge that comes your way. 

9. Never do harm to your body. It’s a temple. If you smoke stop. If you don’t never try it. I can tell you it’s addictive and I finally thank God quit smoking after being a smoker for 40 years. So it’s never to late to do right. Don’t take any drugs that are not yours or are illegal. Put good healthy food in the amazing temple you have.be as active as you can be.Always Challenge yourself to learn new things. And always give your best in work and school ,and if your on disability you can still help others and live a grateful life every day. 

10. Try Not To Compare Yourself To Others This one is difficult for me sometimes with limited mobility, not as thin as I used to be sometimes I think negatively what with the endless magazine covers of perfectly airbrushed women with white teeth and luscious long hair. That doesn’t help anyone, though; you’ll end up forgetting that you have so much to offer to the world. Focus on how magnificent you are. 

11. You need alone time. Go for a long hike or cook yourself a gourmet meal when nobody else is around. Maybe start meditating every day after work to clear your mind

12. Be humble and helping others, and he says that it’s difficult to be compassionate if you’re not modest. It wouldn’t be too far off the mark to say that gratitude and humility go hand-in-hand. The more you refine your ability to stay unassuming, the easier it will be to count the blessings in your life.

Every night reflect on your day

When our lives are full, we tend to let things fly by without giving any real thought to how they affect us. It helps to pause and contemplate how your day has just unfolded; you’ll likely run through all the cheerful occurrences, and before you know it, you’re smiling at the sweet text message you got from your partner. And there it is instant acknowledgment of the joy in your life. Don’t ignore the nasty stuff, either. Whether it’s a fight you had with your mom or another article you read about civil war happening around the world, spending some time thinking about even these things will help you be more optimistic in the long run.

I love TED talk. And if you don’t know about it YouTube it. I remember after I was diagnosed in 2014 with Osteonecrosis and already knowing I’ve been dealing with Osteoarthritis a couple years. 

David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk who is known for his interfaith dialogue, gave a memorable TED talk in 2013 that urged everyone in the world to sow the seeds of gratitude in our daily lives. By “building stop signs,” which help ground us in the present, we root ourselves in lightheartedness, rather than fear. Then, you can’t help but feel more hopeful.

Being emotionally content has its physical benefits too. The HeartMath Institute conducted a study proving that an individual who cultivates positive thinking also changes the way their heart functions. The heart beat is smoother and more consistent, while, not surprisingly, stress causes it to be erratic. The Institute’s Director of Research, Rollin McCraty, says the heart is a sensory organ and a processing center that can make independent functional decisions.

So we have to be aware of how our thought patterns affect us, as they directly correlate with the wellbeing of the most important organ — the one that drives our livelihood. But it’s easier said than done, I know. How can you feel more grateful in your everyday life, practically speaking?

I live this way 


10 percent is past we can’t change it move on

30 percent our future plan but don’t be obsessed 

60 the here and now be happy and be your best right now. 

Check these out. 

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