Body Image & Self Esteem With Chronic Pain

Somedays it's really hard to feel good about yourself when your body keeps betraying you. Before your diagnosis, you felt pretty good about your body. Or maybe you’ve always struggled with body acceptance and tended to focus on your self-perceived flaws rather than your beauty. Now your AVN is forcing you to deal with a different reality.

When you have a chronic pain like like AVN Avascular Necrosis, you face physical limitations, chronic pain and changing plans for the day,week,future.

Chronic pain can negatively affect your body image and self esteem and confidence And we cant forget about the social stigma that may come with any illness it to can deal an additional blow to your selfworth.

People with physical disabilities can face daily challenges of being seen as different or even inferior.

Positive Body Image


Get involved in activities that promote a positive attitude.

Work to challenge stereotypes and prejudices against anyone with a chronic condition

Focus on and develop your abilities so you can feel good about the things you can do.

Appreciate yourself as a whole person. Don’t be defined by your illness.

Remember you are beautiful.

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