Hypothyroidism The Rollercoaster.


Those of us who have hypothyroidism know, this journey we call Thyroid Disease is an absolute roller coaster ride and you sometimes wonder when you will be able to get off this ride.

I’ve Seen 3 Specialists

Believe it or not, my original diagnosis of Hypothyroidism did not come from an endocrinologist, but from my primary care physician. He also was the one who had originally put me on Synthroid. It wasn’t until a few months later, when I wasn’t feeling any better, that my PCP finally recommended I see a specialist.

Well I saw an endocrinologist several years ago and was told TSH was fine. Boy I’d like to see him right now.

This Endocrinologist Spent Maybe 10 Minutes With Me

It actually took longer to fill out the new patient paperwork. He didn’t ask me any questions did not ask me a single question, and interrupted me down every time I went to ask a question .

After taking my blood, he told me I should lose weight I thought what the hell! I was 5’2 and then weighed maybe 128lbs with my clothes on.

That was it. I felt like paid someone to be rude to me for no reason. I could have stayed home and been verbally insulted by my first husband. He also called me a fat ass.

I told my PCP I wasn’t going back to that endocrinologist.

So I just kept taking the synthroid given by my PCP and I never felt right on it. I was told it takes time and adjustments.

Well fast forward now 10 years later . My new PCP Dr is a female as my old Dr just wasn’t cutting it any longer.

Seems like they get to many patients and just stop listening.

So my new PCP prescribes synthroid and I only take it every other day. What’s odd is I feel good when I’m not taking it.

But I try to comply

Still feeling like crap.

Now my insurance will only pay for levothyroxine, the generic version.

Wow I became mad all the time, anxious,very little sleep.

I asked my PCP for something else as I did research and wanted to try armor.

She doesn’t give armor.

So I see a new endocrinologist and I made sure I asked before never making the appointment do they prescribe armor? Yes they do.

So I take my blood work in meet a woman PA and then the Dr. I told them why I wanted armor and off all levothyroxine was told no problem.

I was given a rx for tirosint.

To my surprise it also is a levothyroxine drug.

And from 18.00 the co pay is 125.00

So I said the hell with that.

I stopped all thyroid medication and weekly called my endocrinologist to see when the armor was going to be called in as I am taking no thyroid meds at all.

This went on for 5 weeks. By now I’m exhausted, weak, feeling depressed, my face is puffy , I’m lethargic,and sleeping a lot plus my hair is dryer, skin dryer etc…

I finally demand to talk to the doctor and ask him if this is how all new patients are treated?

He apologized

Looked up the information

Apparently they called it in to a pharmacy I don’t go to and no one ever told me about it.

They barely made a note in my electronic chart.

Finally, Someone Who Listened To Me

And called it in to the right pharmacy and this is where this story will pick up.

I started the armor

September 13,2017 I am on 15 mcg and started out low. So as to now shock my body.

And I feel slightly better already. Not as anxious , I can sleep at night, my heart isn’t feeling like it’s going to jump out of my chest. I have more energy. The fog is lifting.

So I’m hoping this will be a good ride.

Time will tell.

But so far so good.

Know the symptoms

Common Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Below are major symptoms associated with hypothyroidism.

• Fatigue

• Weakness

• Weight gain or difficulty losing weight (despite reduced food intake)

• Coarse, dry hair and dry skin

• Hair loss

• Sensitivity to cold

• Muscle cramps and aches

• Constipation

• Depression

• Irritability

• Memory loss

• Abnormal menstrual cycles

• Decreased libido

• Slowed speech (severe cases)

• Jaundice (severe cases)

• Increase in tongue size (severe cases)

You don’t have to encounter every one of these symptoms to be diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Every patient’s experience with the disorder is different. While you may notice that your skin and hair have become dry and rough, another patient may be plagued more by fatigue and depression.

The thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) level reflects the severity of the hypothyroidism. For example, if you have a mild form of hypothyroidism and a relatively lower TSH level, you may not notice—or even have—symptoms. That’s because your hormone levels haven’t decreased to the point where they have a major impact on your metabolism. The more hypothyroid you become, the more symptomatic you’ll be.

The symptoms of hypothyroidism aren’t always noticeable, but it’s important that you understand what to look out for. Recognizing hypothyroidism early on will allow you to manage the disorder and prevent it from interfering with your life.


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  1. may you continue to get better xx….That story was so like mine. I am now on Armour or NDT as we call it in Australia. I just find it very expensive. $180 AUD…for 100 capsules….I take one a day…its just not viable. Plus finding a dr who will even prescribe it.


  2. So how are you feeling now, 6 weeks after starting armor? Btw, my biggest hypo symptoms are Pins and needles in my feet and joint pain in my feet, ankles and hios

    Liked by 1 person

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