Yawn…..I am so tired all the time lately

I have been so tired lately. I’m still thinking this new thyroid medication called armor needs adjusting.

And it seems to make me hungry.

All the time hungry.

Has this happened to you?

I will update more tomorrow.

One thought on “Yawn…..I am so tired all the time lately

Add yours

  1. Oh yes it has happened to me. I started on 1 grain (60 mg or mcg – I never know lol ) and gradually increased to 3 grains. which is 180 mg or mcg. Some days I am a empty vessel I just can not fill up. I mentioned to my doctor and she seemed to think it was normal. My doctor had read the doctors handbook that Stop The Thyroid group had put out. There will be days your so tired you need to rest. Others there will be no “nana” naps, 40 winks as my mother used to say. take care and rest, sleeping is when your body repairs.

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