Gifts For People With Chronic Conditions

With the holidays approaching, many of you have started shopping for your friends and loved ones. Coming up with gift ideas for a chronic pain sufferer is challenging, but I’m here to help…..Some don’t even cost money

Offer your services– Offer to do their grocery shopping, run errands, do their laundry or clean their house. Most of us chronic pain patients can do the small stuff, but things like deep cleaning our house is what gets us and can make our pain worse (ask to wash windows, mop, scrub toilets, sinks, tubs). Running to the grocery store or doing much-needed errands for us will help a ton! When we don’t feel good and pain is high, going out and facing the world is a very tough task and sometimes impossible. Yard work is also a huge help. Make a coupon book

Make meals – Make ahead freezer meals, something simple and all we have to do is put it in the oven is a huge help. Make sure to include the directions, temperature, and cooking time on the meal. Try to find out what kind of meals the family likes and make sure your recipe is enough to feed the whole family.

Awareness items for both of you – Something that both of you can wear or have. It shows you care, support us, and that we are in this fight together. There are many options like bracelets, necklaces, and awareness clothing. I recommend checking out Tracy Jordan at

Tell her Deb or avn Deb sent ya.

Or find her on Etsy.

rock your cause jewelry

She sells a couple of my Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis designs just type avn in her search .

And all awareness of chronic conditions and also just fabulous jewelry.

Babysit – If they have smaller kids offer to take them out, sometimes just having that quite break while the kids are gone can help us feel better. If you can’t babysit, making a basket for the kids (coloring books, craft stuff, puzzles, a new movie) to keep them occupied will help us too.

Make a donation in their name – Find a non-profit that associates with your loved ones chronic illness and make a small donation in their name. Sometimes the non-profit will even send something out like a certificate after a donation to your loved one.

Personalized gift– Anything from a coffee mug to a pictured blanket, there are so many options and you can personalize just about anything. It not to expensive, but they are probably one of the most thoughtful gifts .

Things to keep them comfortable – Things like a heated blanket, body pillow, fuzzy socks, soft music CD, neck pillow, soft blanket, comfortable robe or PJ’s, good smelling lotions and soaps (make sure nothing triggers headaches) are all great ideas.

These are just a few suggestions, get creative and see what the need is.

Just remember thoughtful gifts come from the heart and not always your wallet.


Now if you want to buy a gift here’s some ideas as well.

A simple collection of gift ideas who deal with chronic illness and pain.

An electric heating pad, heating throw or heating blanket. Helps bones

Loose, fuzzy socks. Great for those who’s ankles swell a lot but fuzzy socks are always comfortable and never hurt.

Soft, loose, comfortable pajamas soft and not constricting.

A towel material, hooded robe. Many of my chronic illness friends have a difficult time showering. Sometimes they are so exhausted after showering that it can be heaven to wrap up in an absorbent robe, lay on the bed and dry as they lay there.

Comfortable pillows. Chronic pain patients often need to spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch, and extra pillows that are soft and comfy are always handy!

Coloring books and items to color with. I recommend water color pen brushes.  They look like markers, but have a brush on the end. Going out of the lines if you have tremors still looks pretty, because it’s water colors, and you don’t have to press down and hurt your hand, if you have severe arthritis or any painful muscle or joint conditions.

How about an acupuncture pen? Yep they have them and a variety of others see link. ….

Got a golfer on your list? If he or she has limited their tee time due to chronic pain, consider getting them special grips to help. These grips are larger and have extra nubs and grippy material so that the golfer can use less strength. For arthritic hands, this can be a way to stay in the game.

Along with adaptive jewelry comes adaptive clothing. This can be anything that doesn’t have a million tricky buttons, clasps, or zippers. A pair of luxurious gloves or a scarf provides soothing warmth in cold weather, or try a beautiful, fluffy robe and slippers for comfort at home. Winter is a time of gorgeous knits, and easy dressing needn’t mean unfashionable dressing..

CBD oil for helping pain in joints

Here is a cool way to sport a medical ID bracelet

Gifts for Kids with chronic pain

Play Doh

Crayons and coloring books

Video games

Educational Toys

Always check with parents to see about allergies etc…

What are some thoughtful gifts for someone with chronic pain that you would like?

Or have you given your loved one? Please leave a comment in the section below.

Thank You

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