GF Bread

So far I am not a fan of this gluten free experience to help my newly diagnosed hashimoto disease.


I mean I have bought a few things in various brands that are gluten free and honestly they taste aweful, the texture sucks, and they leave a sandy after taste.


I have also invested in tapioca flour, almond flour, coconut flour and AP gluten free flour and I am giving up on making bread and flatbread. I mean I can make a cookie or a bar or even a cake, but bread and flat bread I just cannot get it right and apparently neither do the GF bread makers that you find in local stores


I also noticed that many have more fat , sugar and calories in them… I am going yto try to just give up the bread and flatbread all together…..


If any of you know of a really good recipe for flatbread especially or if there is a good brand to buy let me know…… thanks



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