Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

So I have been trying hard to go gluten free, but its challenging when ya have a sweet tooth. But I finally have a cake recipe that tastes great not gritty and who knew its also keto friendly. I am not on any keto diet.

I am not a vegan but i eat mostly plant based food and now and then I enjoy things like real sour cream, butter or some not much beef but it must be from grass fed cows, eggs and some chicken now and then so I guess I am flexitarian.

But a friend of mine who was  on keto for a bit said this could also be used in that as well.

I just know i like it and when i bake i like things to taste good , moist not sandy like some gf recipes do. So heres my version

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake  (Keto friendly)

What you’ll need:


1/2 cup Daisy sour cream its gluten free

1/4 cup lemon juice plus 2 tbspn more for glaze

1/3 cup sugar substitute for baking

1 tbsp lemon zest buy organic since your using the zest

3 eggs

2 cups almond flour

1 tbsp poppy seeds

1 tsp baking soda


1/2 cup powdered sugar substitute (I used Swerve confectioners)

2-3 tbsp lemon juice (or as above, 1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice & 1 tbsp heavy cream)

2 Tblspoon lemon Zest 1 in cake on for frosting

In a bowl, stir together your sour cream and lemon juice. Add in your sugar substitute and whisk until it has dissolved.

Whisk in each egg, one at a time before mixing in your almond flour.

In a separate bowl, stir together your baking soda and 2 tbsp lemon juice. It will bubble, but keep stirring.

Pour into the cake batter and mix thoroughly, mix in your poppy seeds and lemon zest

Pour into a 10 inch bundt pan

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.


Once the cake is done and the cooled down, time to make the glaze.

Glaze whisk together your powdered sugar substitute and lemon juice and zest until nice and smooth. If you decided to use the cream version – do the same thing, just mix them all together until it’s nice and smooth.

TaDa !!!

This makes 8-  10 slices.


Note you can also substitute the Lemon juice and Zest  for Orange or Lime juice and zest and if your not a poppy seed fan don’t add them.

A good cook and baker learns the method then can create a recipe or take any recipe and make it their own.


lemon poppy



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