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Celebrating Patient Leaders- Alzheimer Awareness

Once a week for the next few weeks I am going to focus on others that raise awareness and educate.

Alzheimer’s Reading Room

Bob DeMarco puts such heart and soul in his awareness I just had to show some recognition.

I personally don’t know anyone with Alzheimer’s but I watched a couple touching and emotional movies ranging from

The Notebook

Still Alice

Alzheimer’s every minute counts

Alzheimer’s Disease: Inside Looking Out

By Joanne Frances Durante

Alzheimer’s Association, Cleveland Area Chapter

I see it can be frustrating for the patient and caregiver, and such an emotional roller coaster for many.

I became a PatientLeader and member of WEGOHealth to educate on my conditions.

But WEGOHealth has many patient leaders that raise awareness on thousands of conditions,disorders and diseases.

One of those leaders is

Bob DeMarco and he has The Alzheimer’s Reading Room. It is informative and just a beautiful and moving website. Bursting with love,Information and compassion.

If you want to know more about Alzheimer’s or are someone who cares for someone with Alzheimer’s I highly recommend the site.

Link below.

Alzheimer’s Reading Room


The body always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is listening and doing what your body needs. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2012, Avascular Necrosis aka Osteonecrosis in my knee in 2014 and Factor V Leiden hetero, and Spondylolisthesis 2016 Health Advocate-Health Activist-World Changer Love photography, cooking, hiking, walking ,traveling and learning to live a new normal since my diagnosis. My Links Facebook Main Profile Main Blog Twitter - Instagram - and Support Group Avascular Necrosis/Osteonecrosis Support Int’l Awareness for Avascular Necrosis & Other Conditions of The Bone and Joints Avascular Necrosis Awareness Day November 29 – working with elected officials to get this recognized in all states Avascular Necrosis-Osteonecrosis Knowledge and Education Facebook Link

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