Take Time To Give Thanks

Anyone getting nervous about how the calendar keeps slipping into another holiday season?  I sure am. I’m certainly not ready for the extra stress that often comes with the holiday season. Now don’t misunderstand me , I love , love , love the holidays but man the days are flying by, stores are already crowded and lets be real when you have a chronic condition extra long lines are a kill joy……and painful.

It’s hard to believe its November 2nd  already. With Halloween over everyone seems to rush to Christmas, have we forgotten about Thanksgiving? It seems we go from Halloween to Christmas…. Mmmm what about Thanksgiving?

It’s just one of the times of year we are to pray and give thanks, that’s why George Washington declared Thursday 26 November a day of thanks and prayer back in 1789.

It had nothing to do with the pilgrims.

It was to give thanks.

In 1939 President Franklin D Roosevelt agreed to move Thanksgiving to the 3rd Thursday of November….Why did he do this you ask? Then of course instead of giving thanks he got so much opposition that it was  later changed to the fourth Thursday of November.And do you know why?

It was to help make the Christmas season a bit longer

Now I love Christmas, but what I love is the spending time with family, the traditions, the trees, lights. But now that’s all different now as my family doesn’t really live in this area any more.

And I don’t like all the commercialism that’s placed on people.

So as we go full speed ahead to the holidays and into a new year…..

Please take some time to stop say a prayer and give thanks for all we  do have


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