You being offended is offensive

I cannot believe that people are insisting on songs old songs now be banned from radio.

Or cartoons and holiday shows no longer air.

Why do people read so much into everything today? Is our society that sensitive?

And really they are lyrics to a song!!

Have you ever heard some other lyrics? From say

Eminem a Song called KIM.

Ice Cube – Straight Outta Compton?

DMX – X is coming?

Nas – Shoot em up?

Or how about

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ You Got Lucky

Pat Benatar’s Love Is a Battlefield

R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion

Sound garden Blow Up the Outside World

Eddie Money’s The Love in Your Eyes

Google any one of those songs and you or someone will be appalled or shocked at the words.

If you think about about them.

Others not so much.

Now the song – baby it’s cold outside is offensive

How about Rock a bye baby?

Humpty Dumpty ?

Books or Movies

The Graduate

50 Shades of Grey

Video Games

Many violent ones and suggestive

You hear nothing about the violent , let’s shoot em up, woman hating music that is mostly rap but we ban songs like baby it’s cold outside.

Ya know it’s called artist expression

And when you hear a song it doesn’t mean they are rapist, killers, wife beaters, victims.

It’s a song!

Seems like everyone is offended by something.

Stop being so sensitive to every little thing I am so sick of people being or saying they are offended by a song , a movie, a book.

Turn the channel,don’t see the movie and please don’t waste your money on a book that offends you.

But leave shit alone for us that are not so easily offended.

It took one woman to get prayer out of school

And now one person started raising a stink over an old holiday song.

You are ruining my freedom, freedom to hear what I want to read what I want and watch what I want.

What’s next my favorite Christmas movie elf will be removed from tv? Or edited? Because baby it’s cold outside is sung in the movie?

Surely we are all aware of the First Amendment, and if you are not then you are probably one of the people I am referring to throughout my post.

What happened to freedom of speech? It is nearly impossible to speak freely without at least one person taking offense to what you have to say.

We should be able to discuss facts and opinions openly without having to worry about offending someone.

Clint Eastwood once said, “I wish America was more concerned about offending God and less concerned about offending people.”

We all like to voice our opinions, and the last thing we should have to worry about is offending someone. How so many people become so narcissistic to the point where they cannot even tolerate someone’s opinion being different than their own?

I should not have to start or end a statement with “no offense.” We all have the right to our own opinion and being offended does not make you right.

You can believe that your opinion is better than someone else’s, but that does not mean you are right and the other person’s is wrong.

I want historical statues back up

I wasn’t songs to remain on radios

I want people to have a different opinion than mine.

There’s a difference in an opinion and debate and just being a over sensitive whiner or bully.

We don’t think the same so suddenly you feel I’m wrong .

For everyone who doesn’t like something there will be someone who likes it.

So move on….. not everything has to has a hidden agenda or meaning.

Did people forget about respect? Are people that self-absorbed ?

What happened that all of a sudden everyone is offended by the slightest words?

It almost seems like people go out of their way to find something to be offended by.

It is no one’s fault but your own if you are offended.

Stop all the censorship and wanting to ban everything because you are offended.

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