You Will Never Keep Me Down

Osteonecrosis can be painful you never know when the pain will come or go.

It’s hard to make plans , family and friends sometimes get frustrated because well…. when the pain strikes plans get cancelled sometimes

Before I was in eyecare field , I was a domestic violence shelter manager for over 10 years…I started to become burned out so I changed to a new career and loved it.

And I was darn good at it… after Avascular Necrosis- Osteonecrosis diagnosis in 2014 due to a bad injuryto knee that interrupted blood supply I developed Osteonecrosis in knee….

And that shot my career Downs’s I couldn’t work 45-50 hrs a week and pt was out for many doctors.

So avn / on took my job away from me.

I love the optical field. But the pain was too intense.

Well I’m back in school learning something new.


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